(Served with Steamed or Fried Rice)
Beef Chicken Seafood
Pork Duck Vegetable
  Mongolian Beef 9.99
    Pepper Steak 9.99
    Beef w/ Fresh Broccoli 9.99
    Onion Beef 9.99
  * Hunan Beef 9.99
  * Szechuan Beef 9.99
    Curry Beef 9.99
    Moo Shu Beef 9.99
  Fancy-flavored eggs with beef and skin mushrooms. Served with 4 Chinese crepes. (No Rice)
    Beef and Oyster Sauce 9.99
  Beef blended with bamboo shoots and broccoli. In oyster sauce.
  Marinated Mandarin Beef 10.99
  Slices of sirloin specially marinated with onions and topped with sesame seeds.
* Yu-Hsiang Beef 9.99
  (Beef in Garlic Sauce)
  Beef and Snow Peas 10.99
  Slices of beef with bamboo shoots and pea pods.
  Almond Chicken 8.99
  * Kung Pao Chicken 8.99
  Chicken w/ Plum Sauce 8.99
    Sweet & Sour Chicken 8.99
    Moo Goo Gai Pan 8.99
  * Hunan Chicken 8.99
    Chicken w/ Fresh Broccoli 8.99
  * Mandarin Chicken Wings 8.99
    Mongolian Chicken 8.99
  * Szechuan Chicken 8.99
  * Mandarin Chicken 8.99
    Curry Chicken 8.99
    Chicken w/ Black Bean Sauce 8.99
    Cashew Chicken 8.99
  sautéed breast of chicken with baby corn, nappa, broccoli, carrots, and bamboo shoots.
  Moo Shu Chicken 8.99
  Fancy-flavored eggs with chicken and skin mushrooms. Served with 4 Chinese crepes. (No Rice)
    Chicken and Oyster Sauce 8.99
  Breast of chicken and Chinese vegetables sautéed in oyster sauce. Seasoned for the discriminating taste.
* Yu-Hsiang Chicken 8.99
  (Chicken in Garlic Sauce)
  Cantonese Chicken 10.75
  Batter-fried white meat chicken topped with vegetables in brown sauce.
  Lemon Chicken 10.50
  Chicken and Black Mushrooms 10.75
  Chicken breast blended with black mushrooms and bamboo shoots.
  Chicken w/ Fresh Snow Peas 10.75
  Phoenix and Dragon 12.25
  Breast of chicken and shrimp sautéed in wine sauce with scallions, ginger, garlic, and vegetables.
    Crispy Duck 14.95
  * Duck in Garlic Sauce 14.95
    Duck with Winter Vegetables 14.95
  Half of duck served with black mushrooms, bamboo shoots, and snow peas.
    Sweet & Sour Pork 8.99
  Moo Shu Pork 8.99
  * Yu-Hsiang Pork 8.99
  (Pork in Garlic Sauce) Shredded pork sautéed with bamboo shoots, skin mushrooms and water chestnuts in our spicy hot pepper/garlic sauce.
* Twice Cooked Pork 8.99
  Thin slices of pork steamed and braised with cabbage in our special spicy hot pepper/garlic sauce.
* Ma Po To Fu 8.99
  Braised Bean Curd w/ Sliced Pork 8.99
  Pork and Black Mushrooms 9.25
    Sweet & Sour Shrimp 10.75
  * Kung Pao Shrimp 10.75
    Shrimp w/ Green Peas 10.75
  * Hunan Shrimp 10.75
    Shrimp w/ Fresh Broccoli 10.75
  * Szechuan Shrimp 10.75
    Curry Shrimp 10.75
    Moo Shu Shrimp 10.75
  Fancy-flavored eggs with shrimp and skin mushrooms. Served with 4 Chinese crepes. (No Rice)
* Mandarin Shrimp 11.50
  Delicious fresh large shrimp and vegetables sautéed in spicy hot pepper and garlic sauce.
* Princess Prawns 12.50
  Battered prawns sautéed with vegetables in spicy brown sauce.
  * Yu-Hsiang Shrimp 11.50
  (Shrimp in Garlic Sauce)
  Shrimp and Lobster Sauce 12.99
    Shrimp w/ Snow Peas 12.99
  Large shrimps sautéed with bamboo shoots and pea pods.
  King Neptune's Plate 12.99
  Imitation crabmeat, shrimp, scallops, snow peas, bamboo shoots. A superb blend of flavors.
* Yu-Hsiang Scallop 13.50
  (Scallop in Garlic Sauce)
    Mandarin Scallop 13.50
  Scallops sautéed with mixed vegetables.
    Sweet & Sour Fish 10.50
* Hunan Fish 10.50
    Cantonese Fish 10.50
    Daily Double Delight 11.95
    Curry Vegetables 8.75
    Deluxe Vegetable Plate 8.75
  Broccoli w/ Oyster Sauce 8.75
  Moo Shu Vegetables 8.75
  Braised Bean Curd w/ Vegetables 8.75
* Vegetarian Ma Po To Fu 8.99
* Mandarin To Fu 8.99
  Fried tofu sautéed in a savory sauce flavored with a touch of garlic.
  Black Mushrooms w/ Snow Peas 9.50
* Hot & Spicy